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ConneXion is a virtual expo and communications platform, where the global fibre-based packaging industry can gather and interact.

Using 3D virtual reality modelling in an online expo environment, coupled with a dedicated mobile app for sharing of news, video, content, podcasts and webinars, Brunton Business Publications helped bring converters and their suppliers closer together throughout 2020, at a time when exhibitions and conferences were being postponed or cancelled all together.

Following the successful launch expo event for the corrugated sector in November 2020, we have now decided to roll out the next event in June this year – opening it to both the corrugated and folding carton industries.

We are delighted to be awarded winner of 'Best Digital Exhibition' from the Digital Event Awards.

Launch Event Success

In November 2020, 35 partner exhibitors joined the online, virtual expo, showcasing their businesses and products to over 2,300 unique visitors from the global corrugated industry. But in June 2021, we will go one step further, and open this event to folding carton converters as well.

The ConneXion virtual expo allows exhibitors to:

• Showcase their business to a global audience, in real time. Visitors can browse company’s products, brochures, images and videos;

• Engage in text chat, voice chat and exchange business cards with visitors and other exhibitors;

• Gather analytics about everyone who visits your booth – see who they are, what brochures they view, record all conversations;

• Show 3D representations of products, as well as link to dedicated videos or other virtual reality presentations.

NEW – Scheduling Meetings

New to the 2021 event is the ability for exhibitors to invite visitors to engage in one-to-one meetings within the show environment, where you can have video and voice calls. Thanks to a diary planner function, users can set a dedicated time to meet with a potential or existing customer during the event.

June 2021

The ConneXion event in June will run over an eight day period, from Tuesday 1st June to the close of play on Tuesday 8th June. The event will be live, 24/7 for the period. Best of all, it is totally free for converters to attend, following a very short sign-up form.

Interested parties who would like to exhibit are encouraged to contact us quickly and you have the option to book either a bronze, silver or gold stand.

App based community

The ConneXion Community app is available for free download from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Mac OS). Search on 'Connexion Community'.

The app is the focal point for the community, with the Partners helping to serve content. With the News feed, Showreels and Partner hubs being totally FREE to access.

The ‘Auditorium’ facility is where we will host podcasts, round tables and exclusive webinar content.

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